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Body Slilmming and Shaping Machine
Sound Waves Vibration & Multifunctional LLLT System

Pherapy is a professional Sound Waves Vibration machine with Multifunctional LLLT System. It delivers Sound Waves Vibration into muscles and fascia layers and gradationally leads chemical reaction with lipocyte in human body by 658nm & 808nm LED lights. Pherapy helps to complete healthy body and ideal body shapes.

Sound Waves Vibration Therapy  for Body Shaping
Multifunctional LLLT System  for Body Slimming

Sound Waves Vibration Therapy

Sound waves therapy that concentrates the vibration is used in obesity treatment, pain relief, blood circulation and a wide rage of treatment. It activates aging cells and degenerative nervous tissues and have effects on anti-aging as well as improvement of cellular energy metabolism.


Especially, sound waves vibration is deeply delivered into muscles and fascia layers. This improves to discharge wastes in blood vessels, lymph circulation, muscular contraction and helps destroying fat cells. Therefore, completes healthy body and ideal body shapes.


Multifunctional LLLT System

658nm & 808nm LED Lights


Pherapy emits 658nm and 808nm LED lights with same intensity of radiation of diode lipolysis laser. It provides outstanding effectiveness to dissolve fat cells and improve skin elasticity without any burn and side effect. Both LED lights accelerate regenerating skin cells to improve skin tone and texture, as well as improve collagen and elastin by stimulating fibroblastic in dermal layers.

658nm LED Light (red color) : Dissolution of lipocyte, cell activity and metabolism increase, collagen regeneration

808nm LED Light (infrared) : Liquefaction of lipocyte, 45º high thermal effect, blood circulation, skin elasticity increase

Optimized Body Care Treatment

In contrast with previous low output LED, Pherapy emits multi wave band with 658nm and 808nm crossed. It provides outstanding effectiveness to care body shape, reduce size of lipocyte, and improve skin elasticity.


Pherapy offers its own qualified treatment programs on different parts according to the patient’s body conditions, response and treatment area, such as abdomen, arms, thighs, calves and hip etc.

Strength Points of Pherapy
High output power

Pherapy uses LED lights of short-wavelength and high output power, which is used in medical field. With this high output power, Pherapy makes a difference in depth of penetration. LED lights penetrate in deep dermis and even subcutaneous fat layers in 9mm, making synergy with sound waves vibration. The synergy makes the therapy with a high satisfaction.

Better LED energy than laser

In case of laser, energy has properties to spread in straight and radiate focused on narrow area. It causes thermal damages on the skin. On the other hand, Pherapy uses LED lights that radiate around widely with same intensity of radiation of laser and has no any burn and damages. By this light scattering Pherapy treats a wide range of body area and shorten treatment time.

Convenient to treat

Practitioners only need to attach the probes on the treatment area and wait until finished. They can process additional therapies on face or other body parts during Pherapy, saving times. With special ergonomic probes you can treat a various parts of body. (abdomen, arms, thighs, calves, hip and back etc.)

Recommended body care procedure with Pherapy

Liposuction, lipolaser, caboxy, HPL, meso, RF, HIFU etc.

Pherapy treatment


Massage on treatment area

"Pherapy is non-irritating and non-invasive body care therapy. You can combine the treatment what to reduce fat cells and cellulites previously."

Clinical Photos

Thirties / Twice a week / 2 weeks


Fifties / 3 times a week / 6 weeks


Forties / 3 times a week / 4 weeks

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