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CHOM CHOM LED Mask 576 LED : Premium Model


Optimal 4 LED Wavelength

For most suitable treatment of skin rejuvenation and anti-aging

Red 630nm, Yellow 580nm, Green 520nm, Near-infrared 850nm

LEDs X 576

Enough to cover and emits LED light to whole face gently and effectively

3 color LED + 1 NIR(near-infrared) = 4 LED wavelength

4 LED wavelength x 144 chips = 576 LEDs

100% UV & Blue Light Free

To keep your facial skin and eyes safe

No any side effect and No any recovery time

Ergonomic 3D Face Design

Suitable design to fit your face and minimize loss of LED light


How to use

1. Wash your face and apply facial cream or hydro gel type mask pack.

2. Attach enclosed 2 pads at top and bottom inside of LED mask.

3. Connect USB cable to power bank or power outlet.

4. Press left side of eye and turn on LED mask.

5. Press right side of eye and choose treatment mode.

Treatment mode

A mode(20min) : Red + NIR

B mode(10min) : Yellow + NIR

C mode(10min) : Green + NIR

D mode(20min) : Red + NIR → Yellow + NIR → Red + NIR → Green + NIR


Shipping method and cost

Free shipping based by Fedex, DHL or EMS etc.

We pay for air shipping cost from Korea to your port and destination, but  all charges occured by import and customs clearances(tariff, VAT, etc.) should be paid by you.

CHOM CHOM LED Mask 576 LED 4 Wavelength

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