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Korean Beauty Products

LED Beauty Mask

LED Beauty Mask revitalizes the function of skin cells and promotes to produce collagen and elastin proteins. It is an effective treatment for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation as well as makes firm and healthy skin.

Body Slimming Machine

Pherapy is a Professional Sound Waves Vibration machine with Multifunctional LLLT System and thermal effect for body shaping and body slimming that helps to complete healthy body and ideal body shapes.


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iK Medico Ltd located in Republic of South Korea is a wide range of beauty products manufacturer and supplier such as LED mask therapy, beauty devices, medical aesthetic equipment, cosmetics and personal & health care products. We produce and export state-of-art medical and aesthetic technological products. We also provide OEM service offer with your own brand and indentities on the products. Our staff is composed of professionals who have many experiences over 10 years in this medical aesthetic fields. Now we are looking for our partners all over the world.


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iK Medico Ltd

Seoul, Republic of South Korea

Whatsapp: +82-10-9261-0252

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