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Korean Body Slimming Machine Pherapy
PHERAPY : Body Slilmming Machine
Sound Wave Vibration & Dual Low-level Lights for Lipolysis and body contouring
Professional Body Slimming Machine

PHERAPY provides optimal conditions for the body to effectively carry out its naturally occurring metabolic process of lipolysis. Sound wave involving intense vibration is delivered into muscle and fat layer and stimulates fat cells. Low-level light combined of 658nm red light and 808nm infrared with over 45℃ is delivered deep into the subcutaneous fat layer and break down fat cells. In results PHERAPY treatment allows to complete ideal body shape and reduce body size.

Soun Wave Vibration Break Down Fat Cells

Sound Wave Vibration

Strongly stimulates and shakes the fat layer and muscle and break down fat cells. This physical stimulation of sound wave improves lymph and blood circulation in the body, helping to induce a more effective lipolysis metabolic process. PHERAPY uses medium frequency wave 1KHz to 10KHz that generates more intense vibration and delivers energy deeper than RF and ultrasound. So PHERAPY’s sound wave has the most effective frequency to break down fat cells.

Dual Low-Level Light Pherapy Body Slimming Machine

Dual Low-Level Lights
Low-level light therapy using LED is the most effective and safest anti-cellulite and fat reduction method. Pherapy emits 658nm red light and 808nm infrared same intensity to the radiation of diode lipolysis laser. Both LED lights involving over 45℃ thermal energy penetrate into the fat layer in 9mm and effectively break down fat cells. Water and glycerol in fat cells are gradually destroyed and then lipolysis action occurs naturally in the body and eliminate fat cells.

Clinical Photos
Pherapy Immediate Body Size Reduction Data

Thirties / Twice a week / 2 weeks

Anti-Cellulite Effect Pherapy

Fifties / 3 times a week / 6 weeks

Abdomen Fat Cells Removal

Forties / 3 times a week / 4 weeks

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