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Vela Contour V Lift LED Neck Care
Optimal 630nm & 850nm LED Lights Neck Care Therapy
✅ Optimal 630nm & 850nm wavelengths for neck care
✅ 184 LED lights enough to cover the neck and jaw line
✅ Irradiation of LED light with high density
✅ Safe and reliable LED neck
✅ Ergonomically designed to fit neck area
✅ 100% Blue light & UV rays free
Optimal 630nm & 850nm wavelengths for neck care

Vela Contour V Lift LED Neck Care uses 630nm & 850nm wavelengths which are most effective for skin cell activation and improvement of elasticity and fine wrinkles

LED penetration depth.jpg

630nm red light

2.0 to 3.0mm

Dermis to deep dermis

Reduction of fine wrinkles, improvement of skin tones and texture, increasing absorption of active ingredients of cosmetics

850nm near-infrared light

3.0 to 5.0mm

Under dermis to subcunaneous lyaer

Regenerating collagen and elastic fiber, activating skin cells and rejuvenation, promoting blood and lymph circulation

184 LED Lights enough to cover the neck and jaw line
  • With 92 LED modules, it emits LED light across wide areas including the front, sides and jawline of the neck.

  • Arranged in 7 lines, each LED module spans 8cm vertically, making it the longest among comparable LED neck care devices.

  • Unlike existing products that only target the central neck line due to limited LED modules, Vela Contour LED Neck Care effectively improve elasticity, roughness, sagging, and brightness across the entire neck area, thanks to its number of LED modules.

Irradiation of LED light with high density

With 92 LED modules closely spaced at a minimum distance of 3mm apart, ensures intensive emission of 184 LED lights, leaving no wrinkle untouched for excellent improvement of neck skin. Despite potential factors like reflection, refraction, or blocking that may cause loss of LED light absorption into the dermis and subcutaneous layers but Vela Contour compensates for these losses by emitting LED light from closely positioned 3mm LED modules.

LED Density 1.png
LED Density 2.png

Other LED devices

Vela Contour LED Neck Care

Safe and reliable LED neck care

Completed Korean and international safety certificates

Completed clinical test by Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences for 4 types of neck skin improvement effects.

CE DoC Letter_EMC_RoHS_240222.jpg
US FCC.jpg
KC전자파인증_EKC-2023-001719 필증.jpg
Ergonomically designed to fit the neck area

Vela Contour LED Neck Care is developed with an ergonomic design that covers round neck area and curved collarbone conveniently. Thus, it minimizes the loss of the LED light those round and curved treatment area. By reducing the distance between the LED and the skin surface from 1cm to 3cm, the light penetrates deeply into the dermis and subcutaneous fat layers.


Vela Contour LED Neck Care was developed by considering the neck size of all women, including normal, overweight, and obese according to BMI. All women can experience LED neck care therapy regardless of their body and weight status.

100% blue light & UV rays free

Blue light causes eye strain and various eye dieases. UV rays cause skin aging and diseases. Vela Contour LED Neck Care perfectly blocks blue light and UV rays that are harmful to eye and skin health.

blue light.png
Vela Contour LED Neck Care with Vela Contour Products

"Using Vela Contour LED Neck Care with Vela Contour products will provide you with better skin care effect on your neck area."


1. Apply 1-2 droppers of Vela Contour V Contour Serum to your neck, around the neck and under the chin then gently massage for absorption. You can feel a mild heat sensation.


2. Wear Vela Contour LED Neck Care on your neck and secure it with the strap, then treat for 15 min.


3. After the treatment is completed, remove LED Neck Care and apply Vela Contour V Firming Cream evenly to the treated area, massaging it in for absorption.


4. Apply Vela Contour Refill V Pack to the treated area and remove it after 20 min.



Product : Vela Contour V Lift LED Neck Care

Model : LT-N23VL-1W

Power : 2.3W

Input : DC 5V/0.46A

Wavelength : 630nm & 850nm

LED : 184 LED lights

Size : 15.3 x 11.5 x 10.5cm

Weight : Net 126g 

Certificate : KC, CE, RoHS2, FCC

Origin : Made in Korea

Manufacturer : IK MEDICO Co.

Customizing ODM Service
Make your own LED Neck Care brand
LED Neck Care_4_3000px.png

Do you want to have LED Neck Care with your own brand, and want to impress your brand's reputation, identity and values to customers?


We provide customizing ODM service. You can put your own logo, brand and identity to the product, box and manual. We have many experiences of successful cases for customizing ODM service offer in North Europe & Asia countries.


Now consider making your own LED device with your brand.

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