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Standard 432 LED

For Amazing Skin Rejuvenation Therapy
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LED light for beauty therapy

LED Light is state of the art skin rejuvenation treatment that uses therapeutic wavelength of light energy to improve skin conditions. LED uses invisible and visible wavelength that deliver light energy into the deep skin. LED light is absorbed into the skin and skin uses it as a form of energy. LED stimulates skin cells with low level, and non-thermal energy that gives damage like IPL or other lasers. LED therapy treatment revitalizes the function of skin cells and promotes to produce collagen and elastin proteins. It is an effective treatment for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation as well as makes firm and healthy skin.

Application of LED light

LED light helps with a wide range of skin concerns of

- Age spots and pigmentation

- Reduction of find wrinkles

- Improvement of skin tone and texture

- Sun damaged and aged skin

- Soothing irritating and red skin

- Dull looking skin

- Improvement of acne-prone skin

"LED therapy treatment is scientifically proved to be one of the safest treatment."

Strength Points of CHOM CHOM LED Beauty Mask

Intensive 3 LED wavelength

For most intensive skin rejuvenation therapy 

Red 630nm & 2 Near-Infrared 850nm


LEDs X 432

Enough to cover and emits LED light to whole face

100% UV & Blue light free

To keep your facial kin and eyes safe

No side effect and no recovery time

Ergonomic 3D Face design

Suitable design to fit the face

Minimize loss of LED light energy


Intensive 3 LED wavelength

CHOM CHOM LED Beauty Mask emits 3 wavelength that is most suitable treatment for skin rejuvenation. Red light(630nm) stimulates collagen and elastic fibers and activates regeneration of skin cells. It reduces find wrinkles and improves skin tone & texture. Therefore Red light is effective for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. Also it helps to penetrates active ingredients of cosmetics into deep dermis. Treatment effect of NIR(near-infrared 850nm) is similar to red light but NIR energy is delivered into deep dermis and even subcutaneous. Therefore it maximizes the treatment effect of red light. With RED and NIR lights you can experience.


Red + 2 near-infrared


Enlargement photo of LED

LEDs X 432

Most important and essential things for good treatment results of LED mask is the number of LED. Some LED mask manufacturer only uses under 100 LEDs or 100~200 LEDs and it can’t emit whole face. Therefore the treatment result is bad than expected and satisfaction of patients lower.

1 Red LED + 2 Near infrared = 3 LED wavelength

3 LED wavelength x 144 chips = 432 LEDs

Chom Chom LED mask emits on a wide range of treatment area and its brightness is 30% higher than other LED masks.

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100% UV & Blue light free

Totally excludes blue light and UV

Causes eye problems

Blue light can damage the eye’s retina.  Blue light is not absorbed in the eye lens and reached to eye’s retina. This has a bad influence on retina and cornea and causes macular degeneration.

Skin pigmentation and aging

Blue light poses potential skin harm via free radical generation, as blue light has been shown in studies to induce oxidative stress in live skin. This can contribute to skin ageing, like exposure to UV. Blue light has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin compared with UV light and affect the collagen and elastin. It might cause pigmentation and aging.


Ergonomic 3D Face design

Suitable design to fit the face

Chom Chom LED mask has round flexible design. It surrounds the face round and emits LED light evenly and minimizes loss of LED light energy. With perfect LED emitting technology, Chom Chome LED mask shows great treatment results and patient satisfaction.


If the distance of light is decreased in half, the light intensity is stronger 4 times.


Certificates and Patents

KC : Korea Radio Waves Act

CE EMC : Electromagnetic Compatibility

US Federal Communications Commission

FDA Class 1 Registration & Device Listing in 2020

Patents for LED therapy and design

2019 Korean Beauty Health Industry Awards : Brand Award in LED mask part

Partners in worldwide

OEM  service offer
Make your own LED mask brand

Do you want to have LED beauty mask with your own brand, and want to

impress your brand's reputation, identity and values to customers?

We provide OEM and customized design service. You can put your own logo, brand name and design on the product box, and manual. We have many experiences of

successful cases for OEM service offer in North Europe & Asia countries.

Now consider making your own LED mask with your brand.

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