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Professional Cosmeceuticals
For Beautiful Facial & Body Line
with 2.5° Difference
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VELA is professional facial V-line care and body S-line care brand containing all the know-how of cosmetic studies for 15 years.

By gathering only the products & points with the highest response throughout the drug chains, dermatologists and skin care clinics, the new brand VELA has been born.
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For facial V-line care
The skin gradually loses elasticity and ages due to eating habit, weight gain, climate, pollution, UV, external environment, and active oxygen.
VELA CONTOUR is a professional care brand that restores the facial and jawline to their original state by contouring and shaping
Vela Contour
V Contouring Serum 30ml

Exclusive neck V line lifting serum with thermal effect
9 clinical proven datas
Fast lifting effects with Argireline and Lecithin
Vela Contour
4D Refill V Pack

Neck V line sheet mask pack specialized in jawline firming, lifting and resilient skin
4D sheet is designed to cover entire chin line in four directions tightly
Vela Contour
Dual Lift Mask

All new advanced V line lifting patch attached tightly on neck and hanging on ears
Clinically proven V line lifting and face slimming effect
Vela Contour
Ultra V Lifting Band

Facial and neck V line lifting band with LSR silicon and strong tightening pressure
Hypoallergenic patch test completed, non-toxic and non-irritating
Vela Contour
V Firming Cream 30ml

Easy firming and lifting care with powerful and instant firming action of Lys'lastineV
Soft and fine texture without irritation is perfect to use as eye cream for deep firming and skin elasticity
Vela Contour
Facial 4D Firm Mask

4 layered structure with the strength of hydrogel formula and bio cellulose sheet
Long-lasting moisturizing and firming with deep hydration effect
How to complete V-line care with Vela Contour
V Contouring Serum
Apply 2-3 drops to chin and neck line and massage the serum in.
4D Refill V Pack
Put the mask on the chin and neck line tightely. Instead of V pack, you can put Dual lift mask if you want strong neck lifting effect.
Ultra V Lifting Band
Place your chin in the middle of the band and secure it around your head for 30-60 minutes.
V Firming Cream
Apply V firming cream to the entire face including chin, neck and around eyes.
Facial 4D Firm Mask
Put the mask on the face and neck for 15 minutes. Apply remaining serum on the face and massage in.
VELA has over 10 years of a long-term collaboration with leading medical skincare professionals and dermatologists. Because of this, VELA has its own uniqe knowledge of anti-cellulite and body contouring. VELA SHAPE is widely used among consumers, aesthetic clinics and dermatology clinics around the world.
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For body S-line care
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Vela Shape
Resculpting Gel 150ml

Completion of ideal body line with body slimming with strong thermal effect
Vela Shape
Reaffirming Gel 150ml

Intensive body firming & moisturizing with deep cooling effect and hydration
Vela Shape
ACTIV Cream 150ml

Innovative deep thermal & cooling effect for body circulation, lymph draining, edema and detox care
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